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My sincere apologies! Due to Adobe discontinuing the web development software this site was built in and failing to maintain crucial plug-ins, the site looks like it is full of holes. It is! I am working on a replacement... it will be launched as soon as I can possibly do it. :) In the meantime, do browse as most is still intact, but call if you need anything - 027 410 8280
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Creative Solutions for your Business

RiKmedia is for people who love their business, but simply can't devote the appropriate amount of time to developing its visual identity. Here, you'll find energy & enthusiasm to equal your own, and a brand and identity to match. Photography, logo design, websites, online marketing campaigns and not forgetting a fair smattering of truly sensible advice... We are a creative resource for agencies, small businesses and individuals.

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Image is everything

RiKmedia places huge emphasis on visual media. As the old adage goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Well, it's worth a lot more than that if it's a great one. We might already have just the right image for you, but if not, we can surely create it!

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Our Key Offerings

Creative Direction

Modern business is not just websites. Social media, marketing material, email campaigns are just some of the many elements that make up a fully rounded market presence. We will guide you through the maze.


There is nothing quite like a beautiful professional image to represent you or what you stand for. It can speak to the heart in a way that words struggle to. We will match the best visual representation to your image.

Web Design

Creating an online presence is as important as the way you present yourself in person to clients or customers. Dress appropriately, make the right impression - memorably, and you'll gain a devoted follower.


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