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RiK (aka Richard Leonard) decided long ago that doing one thing in life was simply too limiting. Perfecting your art is a great thing, but what if you want to sample several? Or simply (truthfully) can't decide which one to settle on? There is a joy in having many fingers in many pies, as long as you don't get smothered in pastry! Life is for living!

The past fades

Having trained as an architect in London, RiK then moved on to apprentice as a photographer there & actually work as one for a few years before going to Y&R as a copywriter. Tiring of writing inspirational messages on Amex statements, RiK began his career in publishing, working on a computer magazine so he could learn about them. Yes, folks, this was the early days of the PC!

Teaching himself sub-editing skills as well as being an early adopter of DTP (desk top publishing for you youngsters) technology, RiK produced the very first DTP'd (is that a word?) business magazine in the UK. Xerox did a case study on him it was so unusual! Long story short, the publishing company was so impressed with the savings, RiK made it his mission to computerise the company, editorially speaking. Job done, RiK spent the next 15 years in publishing, vascillating between Production Director & IT Director, depending on whether the current requirement was computer systems or print & paper.

Early (very expensive) web site development combined production & computer skills, especially since everyone was betting on CD-Roms rather than web content to win out! Before leaving for NZ, RiK was heavily involved in the new UK digital passport production systems & he also created a new XML workflow for all the UK parliaments, allowing them to simultaneously publish new legislation in multiple medias. Fun!

Finally, in New Zealand!

Finally in NZ in 2005, RiK concentrated on his first passion, photography, but was gradually drawn into his other areas of expertise, such as web development & copywriting. Eventually, it was bound to happen, he had to bring everything together to present all he had to offer, together with other talented individuals, in RiKmedia.

Oh, and RiK does like to rant about many things!

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