Creative Writing

Choose your words with care. They can have a serious impact on your current & potential customers. We enjoy good grammar & punctuation, but we also know when to break the rules!

Sentence creation is a craft

Many bemoan the inherent lack of 'good' English in today's online communications, let alone the dramatic foreshortening of words. This, however, simply indicates that they are not the intended target audience for those missives. The English language (and most of the others) is developing all the time. The Oxford English Dictionary introduces hundreds of new entries every month! Language evolves because new requirements and trends emerge. Whether it is fashion or necessity, it is imperative to use the very best words and phrases to communicate with your audience. If you can evoke emotions through words that then lead to actions, you have triumphed.

When you combine simple, fabulous design with simple, succinct words, you have a dynamic pairing. Words can either support graphic or photographic representation, or they can be supported by visual clues. If neither purpose is being served, they don't belong. It matters little whether it is a promotional flyer or a billboard, the principle remains true.

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