Doing business online is much more than simply selling stuff online. There are relationships to be built, marketing to be targeted, supply chains to be adjusted, customers to be found...

Business Online

At its core, e-commerce is simply selling goods & services online. One basic element that a great number of people forget is firstly to identify your potential customers & then decide which products or services would be most attractive to them. The whole business process of identification & clarification of items for sale is just the start of an online strategy that requires not only great presentation and technical delivery (the bit we can play a major part in) but also supply chain management and responsive customer service.

Some businesses do find that they struggle in the online world, compared to bricks and mortar, because customer expectations are so different. Indeed, finding & keeping those customers can be a challenge, which is where a great social media marketing strategy can make all the difference. With nearly 2 million New Zealanders shopping online (Nielson Online Retail Report) it is not a market to ignore. In traditional terms in the High Street, footfall & passing trade were crucial - location in other words. In the digital world, location simply means how effectively you can directly whisper into someone's ear and get them to pass the message on. We are expert whisperers!

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