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"As a professional, I shoot many styles of image. These are different. These represent my passion, my creative force, my desire to fashion & communicate in an artful way. The works I select are created with the express intention of stimulating thought, discussion, passion & hopefully, a small portion of pleasure & perchance admiration. Simply click anywhere on your chosen work to view it in Saatchi Art online, from where a Limited or (much more affordable) Open Print can be added to your shopping basket. I will add new work regularly.
I chose Saatchi's online Art gallery to exclusively sell my art through because they represent our industry's best practise. If you purchase a Limited Edition Print, Saatchi's will arrange to pick it up from me & deliver it to you. If you purchase an Open Edition Print version, it is Saatchi Art that print & deliver the artwork to you. This way, as an artist, I can be assured that you will receive a quality printed product, as originally intended.
The blank canvases I use are, for the most part, human bodies. There can be nothing more beautiful than the body, but if you are sensitive to naked flesh, please continue your journey to find that elusive art piece you are seeking, elsewhere. The models featured in some of these images are generally not professional models, they are more usually individuals who enjoy creativity & being part of a journey of exploration. I owe them a huge debt, because the final works are of them, inspired by them. Be in no doubt, I am the photographer, but all these works are team efforts. Without them, and without some of the many others I collaborate with - body artists, hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists - there would be simply a blank empty void, wild imagination & unfulfilled dreams.
To celebrate their efforts, I also include a 'featured models' section to show off some of the work they have helped me create. If you'd like to purchase any images from this collection, simply click on a work's shopping basket icon to be taken to my own online Store. Of course, if they inspire you to commission an exclusive set or piece for yourself, possibly even of yourself, then do get in touch.
This is an ongoing exercise, and I will use my blog to introduce new collections or work regularly, so if you would like to be notified when new work is published, then do subscribe. In any event, I hope you enjoy your experience browsing here & I would love to hear what you think..."


Roll of Honour

These are some of the wonderful human beings who have worked with me to create art. My heartfelt thanks..."

  Amy Oakes - model, artist & dressmaker
  Ben Titford - model & personal trainer
  Celeste Strewe - makeup & spfx makeup & bodyart artist
  Genevieve Frances - model & singer
  Dee Stevens (aka KikiKisses) - model & burlesque performer
  Jessikah Ena - model & makeup artist
  Karis Crawley (aka Kaz Elizabeth) - model & makeup artist
  Lollie Francis (aka LollieLaava) - model
  Rebekah Bird - model

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