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Search Engine Optimisation is simply ensuring that your website is structured and tuned specifically so the all-important search engines can find you & deliver results. But they change the rules all the time...

Optimisation & Hosting

Where the actual computer server hosting your website is physically located in the world can be important, but more important is the organisation managing it. "Uptime" is crucial, because if your website becomes unavailable too often, it can have an impact on your reputation.

SEO can help the major search engines, which use 'spiders' to crawl through web to index it, not only find your site but assess & classify its relevance and importance. When constructing your site, it is crucial to structure the information both in a way that people can understand, but also in a way that these 'spiders' can interpret. Without this, your website will never appear high on the all-important search results rankings. Unfortunately, the search engines keep changing the rules, so SEO is not a one-off task, it needs constant attention.

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