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I'm RiK & thanks for taking the time to look through my sites. My passion is with photography, so I regard myself primarily as a photographer. Having started after finishing my architectural degree in London in 1981, I have been doing it, on and off, for quite number of years!

I also trained & worked as an advertising copywriter with Young & Rubicam for several years & spent many years in publishing in editorial, production, technology & management roles.


I often get lost in overall media planning & forget how much I love photography! I'm a people photographer, so if you would like photos that really bring out the character in a person, I'm your camera man. From the boardroom, to a cockpit, to a fashion stage, I am adaptable in most circumstances. And, of course if you simply want some breathtaking  pregnancy shots...

Don't worry, I do listen & give you what you want, I don't just apply all my creative energy to creating an image that I like!

I often take loads of studio equipment to photograph major events, but I'm equally at home in a park shooting natural light. I'm not interested in the technicalities of equipment, so please don't ask me about my camera gear - it just does the job, really well!

I make passably good coffee, so come & have a chat & a good look at imagery to spark your imagination.


I can turn my hand to most things, so RiKmedia grew out of helping clients with media work well beyond photography. RiKmedia is the preferred 'in-house' design & media department for several small businesses who not only need suppliers to do specific tasks but also someone to oversee & coordinate all the different threads.

I do some of the work myself, but I also work with a fabulous team of experienced freelancers who I get to do the elements that I can't. So if you'd love a media department to simply throw things at & forget - RiKmedia is for you!


I love to write, which I suppose was why I was a copywriter & then magazine production editor & journalist for a time. I'm also quite opinionated & love nothing better than a robust 'discussion'. I started my blog a number of years ago simply to vent about some issues & I continue to do so.

I also use my blog to trace some experiences, like my 100 day weight loss & fitness program prior to playing in the recent World Masters Games. In March this year, I travelled around Thailand, Cambodia & Laos with a friend, on motorbikes & documented the days with words & pictures.

You never know, you might find some topics that interest you, so have a good read & please do enter into a debate!

This is me writing about me, but if you want to know what others think about me, take a look at the testimonials page here. And if it moves you to leave comments of your own, please do here!

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