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Auckland's Blue Bins Fiasco

the new recycling bins replace the old recycling bins. But what do we do with the old ones?
the new recycling bins replace the old recycling bins. But what do we do with the old ones?

Really?!? We are told we can keep hold of our old recycling bins to use for the Council's new 'paid for' rubbish collection service. Great! How much? no information. When? No information. And we have to choose now, with no information, whether to keep the old bins to use for the new service or not...!

This was the extremely informative letter the council sent out. We are encouraged to keep our old bins so as not to pollute our environment with more plastic, despite the fact that the council have done just that...

We are being blackmailed into keeping our bins so that we really have no option but to pay the council more money sometime next year to collect our rubbish. There is no information about how much it will cost. The only option is to choose whether to keep the bin or not. So, if I might want to use the new service, but it depends on the cost, should I keep my bin? If I do & it turns out to be too expensive, will the council then collect & dispose of my bin, or will I have to pay for that to happen? If I choose not to keep my bin, does that mean I am forever barred from using the new collection service, or will I have to pay through the nose to get a blue bin back again? Click here: aucklandcouncilsbluebinfiasco, and you can see for yourself. Have a wander around the site, you'll find any time you think you're getting close to an answer, you'll be back where you started!@!

If I choose not to keep my bin, will the council pick it up soon, or leave it hanging around for months in the hope I'll give in & keep it to pay for the new service? So many unanswered questions that would have been really simple to answer. Not to mention the waste of paper sending out a more than useless letter! Come on guys, electronic communication with those that want it will save millions! The council, let's face it, have a rotten track record of replacing one thing with another cost effectively. It seems that I am now paying almost as much for just water as I used to pay in total for rates (including water), plus a much larger rates bill as well!

So, excuse me Auckland Council, and Mr Ian Stupple (if you were the architect of the fiasco or simply had to lend your name to the letter); I will not be blackmailed so collect my bin now please! And please, Auckland Council, put some common sense into your next initiative...

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