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Featured Model - Dee

Dee (aka KikiKisses)
Dee (aka KikiKisses)

Today I am launching a Featured Models section. It has been a privilege working with some fantastic people over the years, most of whom are not professional models, just ordinary people wishing to try something slightly out of the ordinary. Well, ok, maybe 'ordinary' is a pejorative term for most, since I suppose Burlesque Performer, which is the preferred activity of my first featured model, Dee, is not exactly your average profession! Be that as it may, it is very hard for me to repay these artists. They are hard-working, generally uncomplaining unless I dunk them in 'really' cold water, and very accommodating. My new Collaborators Page is a place for me to publish those works that I'm really proud of & that are really special. In achieving these, I inevitably bypass hundreds of, in themselves, excellent works. The Featured Models section will be a growing archive, catalogued by model, so I can show everyone just how fantastic they really are.

Working with Dee is always an absolute pleasure. As a dancer, Dee knows her body & certainly knows her mind! I first worked with Dee 3 years ago, messing around with 4 other girls in a furniture showroom (long story!). Since then she has moved to Melbourne, moved back, started a job that she loves, perfected her Burlesque performances & fallen in and out of love several times. No, I'm making that last one up, but it's probably true! When I suggested doing a whole day shooting outdoors in the middle of winter, Dee was not only willing, but enthusiastic. When I further suggested she might like to swim under a waterfall in a freezing cold mountain stream, the energy waned very slightly but, she went and did it! I had to reject the shots with blue lips & clenched teeth, but there were enough genuinely fabulous ones to make it worth it.

Spending a whole day shooting with someone allows you to understand their true character, especially when they are naked & it's freezing cold! Dee's enthusiasm was infectious. Sometimes I am hesitant asking a model to do something (like strip off underground & hold still in a freezing stream for 30 seconds!) because of the reaction I think I might get. After all, I value my life! With Dee, it was often her own mad suggestions! I did a video interview with her, mainly because I wanted you to be able to see her true personality. It was intended to be about a minute, but, as you'll see, it got longer, simply because she is so irresistible. Watch it (below) & I think you'll fall a little bit in love with this bubbling ball of enthusiasm, just as I have. If you get the opportunity to go & see her on stage doing one of her burlesque performances, don't pass it up! You can keep up with her on Facebook & Instagram.

Featured Models Section

Launching Today, with Dee


Interview with Dee

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