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Food, glorious food!

Rarely do you have an evening meal & everything is perfect. And I mean perfect. Expectations are high, but there is always something that is not quite right. In reality, our evening at Casita Miro on Waiheke Island could have got off to a rocky start. We were running slightly late so called to delay our booking for 30 minutes. Then we actually arrived on time, but our table wasn’t ready for another 40 minutes! It was a blessing in disguise as we indulged in a jug of the most perfect Sangria we have tasted outside of Spain.

This was the theme of the evening. The superlatives rolled off the tongue as dish after dish surprised, delighted & was digested with gusto. I am biased, I admit. Having been in New Zealand for 17 years, I confess to missing a few things about Europe. However, I didn’t realise quite how much I craved real Mediterranean fare until we were a few dishes in & revelling in the garlic, oil, spices & beautiful fresh ingredients. Never has a lesson in indulgent, aroma filled, taste driven cooking been so forcefully delivered, or welcomed.

The wait staff were excellent & even managed to convey their friendliness through the obligatory masks. The atmosphere was relaxed, jovial & embracing. The high ceiling, broad windows with expansive views over their own vines & gorgeous ceramics all combined to create an environment perfect for relishing every dish. The Gaudi-esque ceramics up the driveway & around the central restaurant were a pleasant reminder of the stunningly unique & colourful character of Spain, strongly reminiscent of one of my favourite cities in the world, Barcelona.

There can be no more pleasant way of spending an evening than in the company of good friends at a gorgeous winery location, with astonishingly good food and drink. I can heartily recommend this restaurant to anyone making their way to Waiheke for the weekend. In fact I’d go further… come to Waiheke for the weekend so you can enjoy this gastronomic delight!

Check Casita Miro out here

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