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Should restaurants close early?

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

closing times should be closing times, shouldn’t they?
closing times should be closing times, shouldn’t they?

I have to say, up-front, that I have since been persuaded by my much-better-half to give this restaurant a chance & eat there, and it was fantastic - food & service! But I can't rant about that; I can about my first experience (which due to some delay in launching this new site, was a couple of months back, now).

The Food Truck Garage in the City Works Depot on Wellesley Street is a simple burger joint. After long disagreements with my family over what to do & where to eat on my recent birthday, I was persuaded that a place that puts beetroot into its burgers was the place to go! Being a man-food type of guy, I was dubious, but it seemed it was easier to accede than to push for a more obvious type of burger - you know, one with, well meat!

All the planning was done. We were going to eat, then a film. That was until we found out that the film everyone could agree on (yes, I know it was my birthday, but hey, we are a democratic family - my wife decides) finished too late to visit the chosen establishment. So, with a quick switch around & careful checking on the Food Truck Garage website, we calculated that we could see the earlier showing, then get to the trough with 25 minutes to spare before closing time. Sweet!

Passing quickly over the film - does the cinema on Queen Street ever think of putting more than two tills on when the queues go down the escalator? - we finished & rushed back to the car. Should we have driven, or walked? Well, that was democracy in action again. We drove around to the Garage & walked in with plenty of time to spare, or so we thought.

"Sorry, we're closed" greeted us (with a smile).

'But you don't close for another 25 minutes - it's on the door'

"Yeah, sorry, the chefs have decided to close early"

'But it's my birthday & we have come to eat here especially!'

"...Happy Birthday"

That was it. We couldn't persuade, cajole, appeal to anything or anyone. Now, I ask you, is that right? Is that a way to treat your customers just because you're feeling tired? And we weren't alone, there were others wanting to come in as well, so it wasn't as if it had been a slow night. Come on guys! If you publish times on your website, stick to them! You're not just media luvvies now! If it wasn't my wife's love of beetroot I'd never have come back & I would have told everyone I met to stay away...

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