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This Is Me - Kirsty Cameron

Kirsty Cameron post 'Shave for a Cure'
Kirsty Cameron post 'Shave for a Cure'

What a role model Kirsty is for young women. Rarely have I met someone of University age that is so considered, talented, compassionate & ambitious. Kirsty is all of that and more. She recently shaved all her hair off for cancer, raising over $5,000 so far & now is auctioning some fabulous images from the experience on TradeMe, who have kindly agreed to waive any fees.

Kirsty is quiet and thoughtful, but that belies some very strongly held beliefs. She describes herself as "not very motivated" until she is given a little helping hand & makes up her mind to do something, then "it will get done!" She fell in love with the Spanish language as a child, but it is mathematics that has sustained her, leading her ultimately to study mechanical engineering at Auckland university where she has just finished her third & penultimate year. She is not a campaigner, preferring to set examples that people can then make up their own mind to follow. Her entrance into a male dominated course (25% of the intake in her year were female) is one example of how she determines her own course & then never deviates. Her entrance into the North Shore marathon this year is another. She runs for fun & health, having moved on from Surf Lifesaving, but decided she should try a marathon. Of course she ran all the way & finished. She wasn't competing against anyone else, just herself.

She is a vegan by choice, a couple of years since. However, she is not a strict, follow all the rules, vegan. She has adopted the primary & most important aspects which she can see makes perfect sense, but ignores others while she ponders their importance. Kirsty thinks it all through. She does not follow dogma, she takes it apart, morsel by morsel, examining every piece in different lights before re-assembling in her own unique way. This is independent thought. This is why she is a role model. Her compassion feeds her thought & her logic drives her compassion. See what you think in the video interview.

She wants a family, children, good job, all that stuff, but she is young & curious & has yet to make up her mind what she'll do when she finishes her course. She wants to travel & live because ultimately she wants her life to make an impact in some meaningful, but as yet undetermined, way. Knowing Kirsty, she will start unravelling all her experiences in a few years time, pondering their meaning, then decide what she wants to do & simply do it in her calm, strong, unfussy way.

I photographed her journey along the 'Shave for a Cure' path & you can see some of the images in the photo gallery. She was a fabulous subject, trusting my every suggestion, enthusiastically experimenting with me. Her confidence in herself, her body, her journey was absolute, calmly controlling the inevitable nerves so you'd hardly know they were there. We had help from the fabulous, world-class hair stylist Natasha Boustridge & the superb Henna artist Rozeena Parikh, both of whom donated their time to the cause. We have chosen four representative images from the sets to auction off for the same charity (of course, you can simply go to the page & donate anyway!) & you can find the auction on TradeMe here. These are the images…

Kirsty Cameron TradeMe auction images
Kirsty Cameron TradeMe auction images

The auction is for one (up to) 10"x10" art print of each image, which I will print to the winner's specifications, plus a worldwide commercial license to use the images in whichever way the winner wants for one year (so high resolution files are available). There are some restrictions on use, in line with Kirsty's beliefs, so if you have a purpose in mind, just let us know what it is & we'll confirm if it's ok. We'll be asking the winner to donate their winning bid directly to Kirsty's Shave for a Cure page. Go on, make her day!


Kirsty Cameron Image Gallery

Auckland - November 2016

Kirsty Cameron Interview

The video is Kirsty talking about her life & her beliefs, and why she shaved her head!

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