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This Is Me - Nicky Crocker

Nicky is a multi-talented artist, healer, geomancer, author & presenter. This is a small part of her life that I have witnessed, illustrated and with a video interview
Nicky is a multi-talented artist, healer, geomancer, author & presenter. This is a small part of her life that I have witnessed, illustrated and with a video interview

Nicky is a geomancer. Webster's English dictionary defines 'geomancy' as "divination by geographic features or by figures or lines". DC Comics says that Geomancer possesses the power of earth manipulation. He has control over earth and stone, allowing him to telekinetically control or reshape it, and is able to cause earthquakes. I don't think Nicky is a superhero or a magician, but until you really learn & think about what she does, it could be interpreted as either! Take a look at her website or her Clear Energy Homes Facebook page to understand more.

However, that is by no means all she is. She is an artist, first & foremost, but with an artist's sensitivities she has harnessed some extraordinary gifts. For a lady with great talents, she is down-to-earth, approachable & just quite simply very good company. Canterbury born, she has lived her life in New Zealand, apart from a 9 year love affair with the artistic community of Bondi in Sydney. Her paintings from that time are rich, colourful & full of joy & life. She started painting when pregnant with her son because she had been instructed to keep still, which was a bit of an anathema to her. She developed her skills to a point where she taught children at an after-school art class for 14 years. Combining her passion for painting with her love of dogs, she has created a series of paintings of Auckland's north shore where her beloved Jack Russell is in the canvas - "where's Charlie?". Skilled at many subjects, landscapes are her favourite. Her Facebook page shows many.

Nicky also loves cooking, especially for friends & family but it seems that whatever she turns her hand to she likes to do it to the absolute best of her ability. Taking up golf late, because she didn't want to be left at home while her husband spent hours away playing this strange game, she is a now a very accomplished golfer. At the time of writing, she is no. 23 in New Zealand for 9 hole ladies. It's her love of food (eating) & sport that pulls her out of bed at the crack of dawn to get down to the gymn for a full workout before the sun has taken a peep at Campbells Bay. Never one to do things by halves!

Nicky has been married for 36 years (to the same man!) & has two grown children who are also able to douse (locate earth's magnetic lines), although they prefer to call their mum in! Her husband was a 'doubting Thomas' at first - aren't we all - but has grown into a believer simply due to the weight of actual evidence he has witnessed. Nicky loves sceptics because they always turn into her biggest fans. She discovered this whole topic of magnetic fields & the geopathic stress they can cause years ago when she was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in her feet. A geomancer came into her home & discovered an energy line falling across her bed exactly where her feet always were. After that, it was years of (pre-Google) research & training & practise on family and friends. Her real 'Aha' moment though was when she moved her daughter's bed. Watch her explain that in the video interview.

Nicky is on a mission to make people aware of the effects of geopathic stress on our bodies & the importance of taking some simple precautions. She has written & published a book - "What if it was that easy? How to heal you and your home (how earth's energies may be affecting your life)" which is an easy to read & dip into book covering everything you need to know about the negative effects of prolonged exposure to magnetic fields on your body & how to avoid them. Unless, of course, you are a cat, in which case you seek them out! Check it out on Amazon. So in addition to everything else, Nicky is a writer. Is there no end? Well no, because the other side of promoting the message is now a TV appearance, where you can see that Nicky is also a born presenter. Catch her slot on the Global Health Show, part 6, here. The show also has its own FaceBook page if you want to follow all threads, or tune into Face TV, channel 83.

If you ever want a fascinating, accomplished public speaker, talking on a subject you have probably not explored yet, you could do worse than invite Nicky Crocker. As far as I'm aware, she hasn't spoken at any large venues yet, but like every other field she has ventured into, I simply know she will take to it like she was born to it, as she most likely was.

Nicky Crocker Interview

The video is Nicky talking about her life & some of the key moments.

Nicky Crocker Image Gallery

Auckland - July 2016

(& work from the last few years)

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