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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 002

Updated: Nov 10, 2018


Slimming down is extraordinarily hard when you visit a cafe with a great menu. I had to eat & run!

Bugger! I hadn't actually thought through the ramifications of going on a day trip on my bike, one day after starting my new eating regime. Before we left on our bike trip, I had a long cup of black coffee. Well, it's going to take a while to get used to that. Farewell, flat whites! And no breakfast. I know that's slightly controversial - 'most important meal of the day' and all that. Well, I simply don't believe I should eat unless I'm hungry & I know that I'm not hungry because I possibly eat dinner too late, but adjusting that will have to wait until, or if, I adjust my eating times.

What do you order at a café when you can hardly eat anything? Well, the Bugger Café came to the rescue, serving up fabulous simple scrambled eggs. Eggs are a magical food & probably the main reason I couldn't become a vegetarian. Well, apart from the fact that I don't like salad or most green healthy things. At the northern gateway to the Coromandel, the Bugger Café is a delight.

Riding on an empty stomach isn't much fun, but then simply having an empty stomach isn't either. I know I have to go through the process of training my body not to crave for quantities of food, but this is the really tough bit! When I've done this before, I've filled up with water - always a good trick - but, of course I forgot to take any with me today… duh!

We ended up at a vineyard on the far side of the Coromandel peninsula. Suffice it to say, that was an 'oh bugger' moment. More later, but I don't recommend the trip just for them!

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