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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 003


Sugar is the modern poison, my poison. It is insidious, silent & deadly!
Sugar is the modern poison, my poison. It is insidious, silent & deadly!

Resisting the urge to record my weight in tenths of a kilo is hard, really hard. I so wanted to put 94.75Kg this morning! It really is like watching paint dry. As I drove my son to work this morning, I reflected on where I could stop to buy something to eat that was actually good for me. Nowhere! Not on that route anyway. Dairies are crammed full of yummy high sugar rubbish; petrol stations (I refuse to call them gas stations :) ) likewise; bakeries are wolves in sheep's clothing, they just wrap dough around the sugar content.

Sugar is my poison, just like most other people, only some aren't aware of it. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth like me, you'll be hard pushed to find virtually any foodstuffs that don't contain sugar. To do that you have to limit your intake to completely fresh & unprocessed food. It's the ones that are not so obvious that hurt the most. Cereals can be 30% sugar or more, but how many people realised that the 'healthy' whole grain or multigrain bread you were eating to feel good about yourself was probably up to 5% sugar? Have a look at the sugar content of so-called healthy snack bars, you'll be appalled…

Food labels show the per 100g amounts, but liquids are more awkward as they show the gram amount in 100ml of liquid, so as I'm not a mathematician I can't tell you if your healthy bar has more sugar than Coca Cola. Coke has 10.6g of sugar per 100 ml. Nice & Natural roasted nut bar (chocolate apricot) has 29.9g of sugar per 100g. Anyone want to tell me which has more? Either way, the 'healthy' bar is 30% sugar!! And, by the way, Just Juice Orange & Mango which blazens 'No Added Sugar' on the front, contains almost as much sugar as Coke - 9.7g per 100ml…

I had a trawl through the supermarket to see what I could eat avoiding sugar. Not much was the answer! Milk is nearly 5% sugar; bread likewise. Tomato Ketchup is 30% sugar, while 70% dark orange chocolate is slightly less - 29.5%! Of course, concentrating on sugar ignores all the other elements like carbohydrates & sodium (salt to you & me). So choosing a very low sugar product may not be best in the long term as it probably contains too much of 'the other'. This is where nutritionists win, because there are too many factors involved in a good diet & too many different opinions about what is best.

If you want to eat well for life, become a vegan. Seriously! But if, like me, you don't want to go that far, then keep it simple, small, fresh & as unprocessed as possible. That is what I'm trying to do, anyway. I'll see after my 100 days if I have found enough food ideas that fit into this scheme to keep me happy, healthy & not so fat!

By the way, if you want to join me, simply text me (contact number is on my site - www.RiKmedia.nz) your name & weight each day & I'll add you to my blog. Alternatively, I can put 0 against your name, then each day record the movement, -1, -2 etc. Nothing like a public audience to incentivise you!

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