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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 004


We are so spoiled in Auckland. There is a fabulous beach within easy reach of most people. And even better if you have a gorgeous dog to accompany you! This is Eva.

If you've got a dog, take longer walks. If you haven't got a dog, get one or find a friend with one! That's what I did & there's nothing quite like early morning walks on the beach. Together with a simple, natural diet, exercise forms a key branch of 'wellness'. I'm quite lucky in this respect as I've always done a fair bit of sport. Until recently, I was convinced that doing more strenuous exercise would allow me to shift the weight so I didn't have to watch what I ate. Wrong! Unless you are under 30 with the constitution of a fit young adult, a bad diet will load the weight on no matter how much exercise you do.

I generally play badminton 2-3 times a week, for several hours each time & walk most days. I have a fairly physically active job, so unless I start doing Pilates to stretch my (rather taut) muscles, I get a reasonable degree of exercise. By the way, is it true that men are generally less flexible than women? My muscles simply won't behave in the way that my wife's will, but I'm not sure it is something to worry unduly about? She does a lot of Pilates, but not enough cardio, so I can always survive better when climbing the steep stairs by Campbells Bay beach. (Hah! Lick forefinger & chalk up the number one in the air…)

So I do a reasonable amount of cardio exercise, but I will need to start toning up when I've lost a bit. Gymn? No, not again. Too expensive & you usually have to sign up for far longer than you can bear, or I forget to cancel the direct debit & end up paying for months for nothing! So, this time, I shall be creative & employ what I have in the studio. Luckily I have high ceilings which are strong enough to take my weight (even now). So, with a bar I can do pull ups & by simultaneously raising my legs I can tense my abs. Notice I said abs because they are there, even if they are currently hiding inside a barrel! I shall work out more routines as I go - like planking…

If anyone has any good exercise routines that can be done at home, let me know. I'm already getting dietary suggestions which is fantastic - keep them all coming!

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