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Homemade fudge! How can anyone resist? Let alone someone with a genetic sweet tooth!

Will this small, beautiful, incredibly sweet, delicious piece of homemade fudge be my downfall? I went to a celebration tonight. The daughter of good friends has been accepted onto a postgraduate clinical program to become a clinical psychologist - congratulations Esme! The only problem was that there was loads of delicious food & sweet things. A bit cruel… I resisted for most of the evening until my head persuaded me that I could have just one as a treat & it would be ok because I wouldn't need any more!

Well, I had one; only one, you'll be delighted to hear, but it was not easy! Wow, the argument that was raging in my brain. Which camp would come out on top for wresting control of my hand-mouth reflex was in severe doubt for a while. In fact, the only way I managed to overcome the craving was to sit down & write this blog on my phone. If you've tried writing anything of any length on a phone, with one finger, you'll know how much of a sacrifice that was!

Moral of the tale? Isolation is the best defence. If you are desperately trying to resist something, don't go into any environment which lays out temptation on a platter. Still, I had to go to congratulate Esme, so it's not always possible. In which case, either get the support of a strong partner, who can forbid you from straying, or tape your mouth shut! Make the right choice, won't you!

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