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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 008


No water was harmed in the making of this picture! Well, it was consumed
No water was harmed in the making of this picture! Well, it was consumed

Water is the stuff of life. Eau de vie. Not only do you need it to stay alive, but if you drink a reasonable amount of it, you won't want so much food. Magic! Fill up with a totally calorie, sugar & fat free substance & you'll eat less & lose more. Hydration. Wonderful word. It conjures up images of smooth, plumped up skin or, if you are a gardener, images of healthy wholesome leaves & fresh fruit or flowers. Every living being on this planet is dependent on our water supply, but we still don't take enough care. In the end, it will probably be water that takes retribution when global warming really takes hold.

Our bodies are about 60% water. This water has many purposes but as I'm not a scientist, you'll have to look them up! Water is essential to life & helps you lose weight, that's enough to know. So I started drinking water, but there was a problem. I was so used to flavoured water, sweet water in the form of carbonated drinks, cordials, even so-called 'energy' drinks, that I found pure water boring! Once you start looking into drinks, there actually aren't many that are good for you. So I got a SodaStream. Not to add flavour but just to add fizz. Amazing how much more interesting plain water is with some bubbles. Now I drink a lot because it stops me wanting to eat or crave sugar! The downside, of course is that with so much water in my system, the 60% balance is upset so my body needs to get rid of some. Amazing how fast excess water goes through you!

My wife, and some friends, swear by hot water. Just ordinary hot water sometimes flavoured by lemon. I have yet to get into that but I think it's coming… I did read somewhere that drinking really cold water helped you lose weight because the body had to burn calories just to heat it up to body temperature. I don't know if that's true but I suppose the same logic could apply to hot water, just in reverse. I do like cold carbonated water, so I'll continue with that. If I end up in hot water, I'll let you know!

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