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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 009


the accomplished Dylan Soedjasa - one of North Harbour's finest
the accomplished Dylan Soedjasa - one of North Harbour's finest

Badminton will kill me! Well, playing singles with my son will at some point, I'm sure of it. This evening I played with him for over 100 minutes solid. He was cruising a lot of the time, I was kneeling by the end! I was a squash player in my youth , having had a cut down racquet thrust into my hand at age 7. Over my school days I achieved a few things, winning a few tournaments & ending up training at youth international level. But you have to be fit to play squash & I lost that privilege a long time ago. Coming back to it over the years simply proved how my body couldn't cope without proper training. So I took up tennis again about 10 years ago, having not really played since school, but that only lasted a couple of years before my elbow started complaining vociferously!

So, as a racquets player who could no longer survive on the squash court & couldn't swing a tennis racquet without wincing, what was I to do? Badminton of course. I had only ever played occasionally, socially, but as my eldest son also seemed keen, we enrolled at Badminton North Harbour. He went on to train with the harbour junior squads & I slowly adapted my squash technique. He is now 20, fit, strong, fast and accomplished & I really don't know why I put myself through the agony!

Well, I do. It's the only way I can enjoy trying to keep fit. I'm not a treadmill at the gymn type of guy, I have to actually enjoy what I'm doing. So, my main cardio workout is on the badminton court. I thoroughly recommend the sport, because you can play & enjoy it virtually any level & there are always good coaches to help you on your way at the north harbour centre! (Dylan, pictured, can help you on your way when he's not taking part in international competitions.) My slightly elevated blood pressure comes down dramatically (to what it should be) after a tough workout on the court, proving that rugged exercise really is good for you!

If I survive the night, I'll touch on badminton a bit more tomorrow…

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