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Luisa Dillinger writes in the Guardian (UK): Visceral, or belly fat, clings to our internal organs and is particularly nasty, being linked to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer

Belly fat is a sign of success! You've made it, you're comfortable & you are at ease with enjoying your leisure. No? No. You're just fat & possibly dangerously so apparently. Surely a little bit of a belly is entirely natural & can't be dangerous? Well, apparently only to a degree. Luisa in the Guardian relates a handy tip: "measure your waist and then your hips (around the largest point) and divide the waist by the hip. If the resulting number is more than one for men or 0.85 for women, then you may have too much." How on earth does anyone come up with such a calculation. Obviously it is based on approximation & will differ for every individual. This is a key problem for people trying to lose weight, because as the saying goes, "give them an inch & they'll take a mile". I can find any number of justifications for my girth!

OK, so I'm specifically trying to lose weight & get fit, but apart from a general message of don't get too overweight, what does an article like this one in Guardian do for me? Well, it confuses me for starters. Reading it several times I'm not really any clearer whether it's the belly fat just under your skin that's the problem, or whether it's the fat around your internal organs that's the issue. If it's the organ fat (inside your abdominal muscles) as I think she is saying, how can such a rough measure of your hips & girth make sense? Surely most big bellies are made up of subcutaneous fat?

I am one of those people who collects fat in my middle. My arms are ok, my legs are ok, but from my multiple chins down to my waistline, I carry too much. It really doesn't matter to me if my belly is statistically too big, I know I'm too fat. That's lucky, because I can overlook the often confusing messages out there & simply get on with not eating as much, avoiding sugar & exercising more!

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