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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 011


It's after photo sessions when I have to sit down at the computer for long stretches that I'm most vulnerable to urges for inappropriate food. This beautiful lady who I photographed a few days ago is about to start her own business - watch this space!

Beware the trigger trap! Just putting the kettle on triggers an instinct to reach for the milk & cereal, especially late at night! So trying to change how I eat means I have to change how I live! Your whole life of bad & sometimes peculiar habits is exposed when you try & change what you eat. Our dietary habits are so ingrained in us, they trigger and are triggered by other actions. When I visit a café, I automatically look for the carrot cake; when I walk along Takapuna beach I yearn for a delicious ice cream that is served at one end, even in mid-winter; when I fill up with petrol, I have to drag my hand away from the sweet treats by the counter!

Probably the worst for me is sitting in my studio editing photographs or video. When I have had a long haul ahead of me in the past, I have stocked up on chocolate & biscuits or other easy snacks to sustain me. Now, I have carbonated water - love it that I do! I shot this gorgeous lady a few days ago, together with some of her friends - she is starting a body jewellery business so watch out for her later this year - and had to spend many an hour at the computer. I love it, but I have yet to despatch the 'body criminal' thoughts that come into my head all the time. Seriously, it's as though my arm is possessed sometimes. I'll actually be reaching for something (that isn't there) before my conscious mind realises that my unconscious mind is controlling my arm, incognito!

I can't say 'dieting' because I'm not actually following an diet, but changing & restricting my 'bad' food intake is made much more of a challenge due to learned behaviour that I have to unlearn, and that is not a quick process. I'd go so far as to say that the trigger trap is responsible for every lapse in past diets. I can be quite strong-minded and determined, but I seriously think it is putting myself into situations that demand a learned response for which I am not sufficiently aware or prepared that is responsible for all my previous relapses! So, if you want to lose weight, all you have to do is take pictures of gorgeous girls & resist the natural impulse to reach for sweet things afterwards!

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