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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 014


Jay Rayner is angry & has listed seven things about food to be livid about this year. I could easily add another 10!
Jay Rayner is angry & has listed seven things about food to be livid about this year. I could easily add another 10!

I'm very much in tune with the sentiments of Jay Rayner writing in the Guardian (UK). Definitely an article to read if you are confused or annoyed by some of the current 'fads'. The section on sugar particularly resonates. Being a sugar junkie, I get equally pissed off with people who try & persuade me (themselves) that there are good sugars & bad sugars. Someone suggested honey in my coffee instead of sugar. As if that was any better. Honey may be good for you, but it's not the 98% sugar, it's the 2% other ingredients that might have some beneficial effect. As Jay says, just because it's not 'refined' doesn't make it 'good'. The refining process of anything adds no goodness & introduces issues in food that weren't there before, including sugar. So unrefined, or 'natural' sugar is bad for you (in anything other than very small doses). Refined sugar is even worse because of the refining process, but the body deals with the sugar content in exactly the same way!

Jay takes a swipe at pseudo-science, but I would go a bit further. Good science acknowledges that the positions it takes are only as good as the information available to it at that moment in time. We have to acknowledge that practically everything science tells us will be amended, altered, superseded or simply proved plain wrong in 10, 50 or 200 years time. So, I'm therefore the ultimate sceptic. I have to believe that simple, natural, local food & a good mix of it is what is best for my body. Who can dispute that? So why are we bombarded with all the theories, diets & fads that exist today, when anyone wishing to get to a healthy body state simply needs to exercise well & eat simply & naturally?

Money. My theory wouldn't generate much income for those in the diet industry would it? So, my advice to anyone wanting to recreate the body of their youth? Simple good exercise that you gradually increase; simple good food; and throw out those fetishistic books & guides!

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