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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 015


I know I keep banging the drum about sugar, but honestly it is THE modern poison. This is Coromandel Gaelic market, just the sort of place you find some great homemade & healthy products. Unfortunately, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Yesterday, I wrote about Jay Rayner from the Guardian being angry about some food issues. Today, I'm angry! I heard a 'healthy' popcorn food stall vendor actually say to a customer, there is such a thing as "good sugar"! Having walked along Takapuna beach & back, I was wandering through the market, which was set up to accompany the music festival there today. I spotted a popcorn stall with names & signs indicating that this was 'healthy' stuff. So I walked up & stood behind a lady who was chatting to them, ready to enquire & possibly try some of the samples there. Since the prime bad ingredient in popcorn is sugar, I sort of expected there to be some alternative. I didn't even get to talk, as I overheard the girl behind the counter saying that they didn't use white sugar, but only 'good' sugar & that there really was such a thing as good sugar! OK, so I probably should have stayed & argued the case, but I was honestly taken aback at such a confident display of ignorance!

This reminds me of a 'qualified' nutritionist I went to see last year. She came highly recommended, so I went & asked her if she could construct a diet for me, a sugar addict, that I might enjoy & be able to live with, that pretty much excluded sugar. Well, she immediately put me on a minimal diet to lose weight - not what I asked for, even if I did need it - and got me to try a few things to fill me up. Several of the products she pointed me towards I would certainly have not chosen myself & frankly I doubt their goodness. The icing on the cake came, however, when she suggested I eat Special K Honey Almond variety. This is 20% sugar! So, I got hooked on it & it's taken me nearly a year to give it up! Traditional nutritionists need to wake up & realise that the methodologies used in the past cannot be used in the future if they simply ignore sugar. Calorie counting is fine, but it doesn't work long-term in the real world! And it really isn't good enough to say that in only small portions sugar is fine, because that ignores the hugely addictive nature of it, that food producers have been exploiting as well as the tobacco companies have exploited nicotine for many years. Except sugar is even more damaging!

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