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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 016


Sometimes I feel like this guy, trying to balance what is good with what I like, all the while being chained by decades of habit & tradition.

Changing your diet is like moving through life on a tightrope. Everywhere you look, there are delicacies to tempt, sweet and sour. It's a mind-game, primarily. Train yourself to look at life differently & you've got it beat. Easy to say… As encouragement, my wife keeps sending me articles on how to lose weight. All methods are different, all advice is different, all timescales are different. They all have one thing in common. They don't tell you what to do when you've lost the weight. If they expect you to carry on eating exactly what they've specified for the weight loss, then they have failed miserably in addressing the mind. It doesn't really matter how you lose weight; in fact you will almost definitely lose weight following any of them. What matters is how you live once you've lost it. What do you choose off the menu when you're out with friends? Are you able to just very occasionally treat yourself to an ice cream without reverting to form? If you didn't really enjoy what you were eating on your diet, what do you eat now?

I've been very careful so far not to starve myself, although the fasting diet does have some merits. I've been trying to shift my eating habits towards different types of foods to see if I could survive on them long-term. If not, I move on & try something else. Overall, even though I'm eating sensible foods, I'm probably consuming too much quantity & not doing quite enough exercise (badminton season doesn't really start again until next month). This is undoubtedly why the scales aren't lowering faster. However, I'm not putting anything on & I am (very,very slowly) dropping weight. So, I will once I have a reasonable menu choice to select from, reduce quantities to lose more weight!

There is a small cupcake shop in Takapuna (Bondie Designer Cupcakes) that very nearly broke my resolve yesterday! Cute & delicious, they were so, so tempting… Check them out, those of you who are not currently on a mission to eat no sugar. That's what I meant by my life is one big balancing act!

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