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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 017


When you combine age & experience, then double it, you surely have a better chance of doing the right thing…
When you combine age & experience, then double it, you surely have a better chance of doing the right thing…

"Two heads are better than one"; "many hands make light work". The adages encouraging you not to do anything alone are many - for a good reason. You really shouldn't try & fly solo when there are people who can help. I could not change my lifestyle on my own. Every decision I make impacts others. My wife does most of the cooking, so all of my changed eating habits affect her. In turn, not being able to cook one single family meal, it affects my sons too. Granted, as they are adults (or sort of pretending to be!) it affects them less than it would have done 5 years ago. Nevertheless, change ripples. My habitual coffee in the morning with a friend, after we walk his dog on the beach, has changed. I started the year moving from a large flat white to a long black. Didn't stay there for long, luckily. My wife drinks soy milk & suggested I try that. I did & I liked it more than black because it's slightly sweet! But there are potential issues with drinking too much soy, so I only have one a day, in the morning.

Going to friends can be awkward. There can be very little I can eat or drink or worse, a surfeit of sugary desserts paraded in front of me. Of course, everyone appears happy to support my attempt at change, but it does require an effort from them, especially if they don't want to go down the same path. I have friends who have become vegan & I think they are facing a similar dilemma, only worse. I am trying to stick to any good food that doesn't make me fat. They have changed their menus entirely which means that although I can usually find something to nibble on at friends, they most likely can't. They changed for health & moral reasons. I am doing this for entirely health reasons & trying to minimise the impact on those around me. Not sure it's going to be possible!

One thing I have learned is that it's good to talk. Telling everyone what I'm doing & why makes it easier because otherwise it seems like I have a dark, dirty secret. Of course, telling everyone also makes it harder for me to stop. Not that I'm afraid of public humiliation, but it does give me some pause for thought…

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