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Weight Lifting - one Hundred Days - 018


Snapshots of life, especially previously unimportant events are thrown into the spotlight when you change your diet.
Snapshots of life, especially previously unimportant events are thrown into the spotlight when you change your diet.

It's funny how one lives life through snapshots. Most of 'living' is just 'living' & is not memorable in any way. Walking to the car, getting up to get a glass of water, doing the washing up, brushing your teeth; all these things & many more do not generate memorable slices of life. Of course, it would be impractical to remember everything & also the way we prioritise our memories is generally by highlights & lowlights, not the middle layer of just living. This pattern repeats itself in real time when you change your life and, in my case, your diet, but priorities are suddenly scrambled. Mechanical, mundane tasks like buying a bag of maltesers from the garage are suddenly imbued with an importance & urgency that is both unwarranted & unexpected. You go from one food related event to another, with the rest of life that used to be important, now blurring out in between. The mere act of avoiding certain foods that you used to consume regularly scrambles your view of life which alters priorities away from important things & towards the mundane; that which used to be the background tapestry.

Wow! How can a diet change how you view life? Well, it does because as soon as you deny your body that which it fundamentally desires, it fights back. Your mind plays all sorts of tricks on you to try & restore the balance it is used to. Mental dependency; that is the basis of addiction & in my view far more powerful than any physical dependency. When I gave up smoking, more than a few decades ago, I got very few physical effects, but the mental game I had to play (I went cold turkey) wasn't a battle, it was a war. I won that war, but it took a long time & I suspect I'm starting another one now. I've given myself 100 days, but the reality is that if I'm going to make a life change work, it's going to go on a lot longer.

So, to change your diet permanently, you need to develop mental strategies that allow you to reject the priorities & slices of life that are presented to you by your reacting body & replace them with a more balanced forward-looking set. Still working on that!

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