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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 019


What's that wartime phrase? "Don't raise your head above the parapet." Well, I'm barely keeping my head above water at the moment!
What's that wartime phrase? "Don't raise your head above the parapet." Well, I'm barely keeping my head above water at the moment!

My wife claimed that it was ok to have a bit of a blowout once a week because it stimulated the body to get out of starvation mode. So we went out to dinner… Not a real blowout, mind you, just a semi-it's-all-got-to-be-good-stuff-style-blowout! I think it was because she couldn't be bothered to cook, rather than any deep-seated concern over my mental wellbeing, but I have to say I enjoyed it. We went to a local Turkish restaurant, Taksim that has been in Mairangi Bay for a while but I just haven't got round to visiting. Apart from the fact that we didn't book so had to sit outside on this rather chilly summer's evening, it was delicious. We shared some crumbed, fried Camembert with plum sauce & I then had a minced lamb & beef kebab type dish with tzatziki & salad. No dessert, no wine, just slightly too much volume. Not too much of a blowout then! I'll give you a link reluctantly, because their main web page is dedicated to their Epsom branch & they simply direct you to a FaceBook page for this branch, which has no menu & is light on detail. Sloppy! It annoys me when companies do that & they've had probably 9 months to sort it. It makes it look like the Epsom website has stagnated & they don't really care about Mairangi Bay. Somebody needs to point them in my direction to sort them out properly!

Back to the blowout. Dr Oz reckons it's ok to blowout once a week, so it's got to be correct, right? Somehow, because I feel pretty stuffed, I'm not so sure. The scales will tell me tomorrow though & since they have stubbornly sat at 91Kg for over a week, I'm not looking forward to the story they are about to tell. Although the scales haven't shifted for a while, I am feeling a bit lighter. I am taking pictures every week & it will be interesting to see if there is any visual progress this Sunday. If not, I will not only have to step up the exercise I will certainly have to curtail the portions.

My mind was wandering this morning (coming back from my morning walk along the beach) & I was contemplating whether I should invest in a bicycle. Could I imagine myself pedalling around the bays in Lycra? Well, possibly but just not in Lycra just yet! I do have a bike, a 25-year-old mountain bike which has not seen Tarmac for probably 22 years. Perhaps I should get a rear wheel stand for it & try out some stationary cycling first? I shall certainly have to increase my exercise choices if I want to have more Turkish blowouts! And if I want to be able to lift more than just my head above the parapet…

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