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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 020


Never give up! When life seems to roll over you, just clean yourself up & get back on the ride again. The feeling when you crest the wave is fabulous!

OK, enough is enough! I've stayed the same weight for 10 days now while eating sensibly & reasonably frugally. Alright, so I had a bit of a blowout last night, but really? Setbacks are part & parcel of changing anything in your life; your weight, your job, your next project… The real question is whether you can roll with the punches & keep going. How many successful entrepreneurs does it take to tell you that you learn the most from your mistakes, your failures, & that success does not come easy, it is always very hard-won? How difficult is it to shrug off that disaster, those last personal comments, the failed interview? You only succeed if you believe in yourself & success, otherwise you might as well roll over now. As a creative person, I am particularly sensitive to negative, or even vaguely perceived negative comments. But I have trained myself to smile & let them pass over me (well, most of the time). You have to keep focus on your goals & allow distractions & contradictory opinions wash past. Remember that most people speak before they think & even if they do think they are rarely empathetic enough to make the right remark!

So I am the same weight I was over a week ago. Small setback. I do believe I am on the right course for what I should eat, so I will continue. I know I can ramp up the exercise, so today I shall play an hour of hard badminton with my son in the afternoon, then a couple of hours again in the evening. This has two effects. It gives me more exercise & it distracts me from feeling like I have to eat. It doesn't distract me from feeling hungry, which is what I was about to write, because I'm not generally feeling hungry, I'm just missing the actions of eating… it's that mental game again! Also, I drink tons more water when I play a lot which is never a bad thing.

Looks like a bicycle stand might be on the cards after all…

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