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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 021


The Decision Tree. Life is full of choices. Depending on which path you choose, you open up new ones & close down others. But you only have one life, so live it long & healthy!

Haha! Got rid of a kilo! It only took near starvation & 3 hours of badminton to shift it finally… I twisted my knee during the first hour of play with my son, so it was touch & go, but heavily bandaged I persevered! That kilo really was bugging me & although I'd nearly got rid of it (I'm not reporting the loss (or gain) of part kilos) the blowout on Thursday put me back at least half a kilo! However, it is possible that it helped stimulate my body… So the real challenge is to eat less. Rose Hayes write in Sharecare online about the good old 80-20 rule, reapplied to food consumption. Okinawa, Japan is one of the regions of the world where people live the longest. "Hara Hachi Bu" literally means '80 per cent stomach' in Japanese. If you eat slowly & stop eating when you are 80% full you'll reap the benefits. It apparently takes about 15 minutes for signals to reach your brain to tell you that you are full, so eat slowly & you won't accidentally overeat because your brain hasn't been told yet. Not quite sure how they worked this one out, but the other part makes real sense to me.

Eating slightly less that you naturally would, means your body has 20% fewer calories to burn, but it's not really enough to make you feel really hungry. Unless, of course, your brain is addicted to that complete fullness feeling! I think mine is… But it basically comes back to portion sizes. Reduce what you are used to eating by 20% and the results are entirely logical! So, the path one has to follow to lose weight & keep it off is: choose good, simple, unprocessed foods that you like eating; train the brain to accept a change of lifestyle; eat slightly less than normal of the 'good' foods; exercise well.

If only someone had a map to guide everyone down the right paths on the decision tree!

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