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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 022


The South Island lakes are one of many places you can go to in New Zealand for pure peace & relaxation. Everyone needs that, and more often if possible.

Relax! Take it easy! One little slip isn't going to make much of a difference! It will if you let it get to you, but if you're in it for the long haul, just accept that you are not perfect & get back on it! The trouble with 'diets' is they put immense pressure on you to adhere to an alien routine, not being able to reach for your normal food and drink. My approach is to try & reprogram the 'normal', so I become used to 'good' food. Then my diet will never end because it will become the new normal. Hopefully less intense pressure & so less chance of abandonment. Of course everyone slips at some point, and then it's usually the start of a slippery slope. Whether it means that you continue or regress can mostly be down to your frame of mind. If you are frazzled & stressed because of the removal of all familiar foodstuffs, the natural reaction would be to abandon all changes. Relaxation must be a part of everyone's lives, especially those trying to steer a different course.

Have I slipped yet? Well not really. I went to the cinema last night & decided to share a bag of salted popcorn with my wife. Of course, popcorn is not on any diet, anywhere. So why wouldn't I call it a slip? Because I am determined to make my way of eating long lasting, so I am allowing myself the very occasional treat. If I hadn't had the bag of popcorn, I would have driven myself mad during the film imagining the large bag of maltesers, the caramel popcorn & undoubtedly something else I would 'normally' have taken into a film. My stress levels would have gone through the roof & that ultimately would probably be responsible for driving me back into the arms of mother sugar. Everyone de-stresses & relaxes differently. I have not (yet) found the yoga route works for me, I am at peace when I'm miles from anywhere or anyone, photographing a beautiful landscape or biking along fabulous twisting roads; or exercising hard. My blood pressure reduces dramatically when I have hard games of badminton, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Stay calm, remove as much stress from your life as possible & visit some of New Zealand's phenomenal landscapes and you too can lose weight!

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