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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 023


Your food isn't handed to you, you can choose what it is & where it comes from, an opportunity not always provided to seagulls.
Your food isn't handed to you, you can choose what it is & where it comes from, an opportunity not always provided to seagulls.

I learned how to make a healthy smoothie today! Almond milk, banana, strawberries, blueberries, with turmeric, cinnamon & kale. The strawberries were my addition, but it was much nicer than I expected! There is, apparently, very little limit as to what you can put in a smoothie & the banana covers up most unwelcome tastes… I also watched the first couple of episodes of a series I've been recording, called "How to lose weight well". Not so much to try & find a diet, I'm quite content where I am at the moment, but more for interest's sake. Amazing where your interests take you when you are changing how you eat! Wow, people do some odd things to lose or keep their weight under control. Have you ever heard of a coffee enema to cleanse your inner tubes & keep your cravings away? Well, this guy had a setup in his bathroom & self administered one each week. Essentially, it was a plastic bag hooked over the top of the shower door, into which coffee (green unroasted) was poured, with a plastic tube leading down to a small tap, beyond which was more tubing that you inserted into your bum - quite a long way up from the look of it! Open the tap & have your morning coffee delivered hand free! After the bag was empty, various yoga poses were demonstrated, presumably to move the liquid around into every internal crevice, after which the entire contents were then ejected into the waiting toilet. Colonic irrigation, eat your heart out! Unless you're offering accompanying muffins, I'm ordering coffee…

It's always fascinating to see the people they choose, or who choose themselves, to go on these programs. There was one guy who was severely overweight, so much so his health was definitely threatened who was put on a raw food diet for 4 months. His companion (they teamed everyone up for support) was given a fast food diet. The fast food diet was essentially a calorie counting diet which meant you could eat practically anything - I don't think healthy was a prerequisite - as long as you restricted calories. The raw food diet was uncooked (only heated to 48 degrees celsius, if at all) food, unprocessed & no dairy, bread or pasta. The result after 4 months? He'd only lost 11lbs, while his companion on the fast food diet had lost double that. Conclusion? He was lying through his teeth & cheated all the way to the scales! It was interesting to see the difference between crash diets ( 7 days), shape shifters (6 weeks) and life changers (4 months). Crash diets can be the craziest. For example, the Master Cleanser, made popular recently by Beyonce who claimed to have lost 20lbs in 2 weeks, which was first invented by Stanley Burroughs in the 1920s. It is a pitcher of water, lemon juice, maple syrup & cayenne pepper, drunk 6-7 times a day. That's it!

My goal to eat sensibly & in a way I can enjoy & sustain for the rest of my life suddenly seems very mundane & boring compared to the direction I could have gone in. Oh well, always time to sneak in a week or two of crazy crash diets yet! Ha ha, he he :)

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