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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 025


We carry excess weight at quite a cost, both to ourselves & our community.
We carry excess weight at quite a cost, both to ourselves & our community.

One quarter of the way through my hundred days & I've still only lost 5Kg! Well, badminton ramps up from next week, so I should be able to increase my training & exercise. And I've bought an exercise stand for my bike! More on that later. I came across some (UK-based) information on sugar and obesity the other day & thought I'd share some tidbits. First of all, how is obesity defined? Well, if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is greater than 30Kg/m2, you are considered obese. To calculate yours, click here. When I started my hundred days, I was obese; now I am overweight. If I achieve my target, I will be a healthy weight. The World Health Organisation has estimated that there are 1.9 billion overweight adults in the world, 600 million of which are obese. This equates to 13% of the population. If recent trends continue, it is estimated there will be 2.16 billion individuals classified as overweight and 1.12 billion obese by 2030. Obesity costs the National Health Service in the UK more than £5 billion every year, with indirect costs estimated at £22 billion. The McKinsey group recently estimated (2014) that the total annual economic cost of obesity globally is £1 Trillion. So being overweight has a financial cost to our communities. Health aside, it also has a financial cost to ourselves personally. Excess grocery bills, new clothes when we grow out of smaller ones, furniture wearing out faster…

It is believed (UK government report 2015) that limiting our sugar intake to 5% of our energy intake would halt the increase in obesity. Since obesity is such a multi-faceted problem, this is quite a claim & simply underlines for me the central role that sugar is playing in ruining our diet. 5%, by the way, is equivalent to 7 teaspoons (or 30g) of sugar per day for an adult (less for a child). Try measuring that against one can of coca cola! Interestingly, one of the main recommendations to reduce obesity, along with reduced sugary fatty foods, increased intake of vegetables & starchy foods & increased exercise, is to join a counselling or support group. You don't see that advice in most diet books, do you? Admittedly, weight watchers I believe is an integral support group, but certainly the fad diets don't mention mental support. I get mainly teasing & abuse from friends (joking!) but good support from my wife, who of course has been trying to get me to amend my eating habits for several decades. It is crucial to have support if you try & do this, because going alone is quite simply mental torture!

Well, I've also got all of you to help keep me going haven't I?

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