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riding the wave of popularity is a great way of changing your diet, but consider what's going to happen when you reach the beach…
riding the wave of popularity is a great way of changing your diet, but consider what's going to happen when you reach the beach…

What's the current emerging 'eating program'? Well, vegan is, I'd say. It is stretching beyond its hippy roots into the mainstream, backed by food science & environmental awareness. More & more restaurants are catering for a vegan diet, even in New Zealand! For me, I don't really have an issue with eating meat or fish or dairy. I abhor ill treatment of animals and the poisoning of our environment & for quite a while now I have bought only "free range" and "organic" where possible. I know that is not enough, because current legislation simply doesn't go far enough & there is an argument to say it never can. It is in the court of popular demand where the battles will be won or lost. If everyone went vegetarian, then our industries would have to adapt, fast! It is always the poorest in our society who suffer the most, because bad food costs the least. I think we need a healthy eating subsidy program to feed those who can't afford it. Having said that, for those who have followed Jamie Oliver's career, he has proved that you can eat healthily for not too much money. The biggest problems he found in the UK were national institutions (schools) providing the cheapest possible food (where they did at all) & parents not knowing how to cook. So any healthy eating subsidy program would have to have education at its heart.

Industries will follow us. If we stop eating the worst foods, they will stop producing them. That could happen literally in a matter of months if everyone really did stop. I know, fantasy land! But this is how to do it. Demand better, do not accept no for an answer & you will get what you deserve. I don't believe I will ever be a vegan, because I do not have the moral qualms that true vegans have. I don't think I will ever be a vegetarian, for similar reasons. I am going to be a "fresh, non-processed, a little of everything, sugar-avoiding, quite a lot of oily fish, just a little meat", eater! Doesn't have the same ring as "Vegan" does it? If you're thinking of riding the current vegan wave, good on you, but remember when something else becomes flavour of the month, will you be enamoured enough to sustain it, or should you try & work out your own diet instead?

Become a "Fresher" like me! Now I know that's a title that's going to catch on…

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