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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 028


A summer holiday treat. A fresh fruit juice from St Heliers Bay Café
A summer holiday treat. A fresh fruit juice from St Heliers Bay Café

Now I'm depressed. I discovered today that my 20-year-old son, who is almost exactly my height, is precisely the weight I've set out to get to - 75Kg! How can I compete with that! As I've dropped another kilo, I was feeling quite good until I discovered my son's weight. So what did I do? I went and played an hour's badminton with him this morning (having played for 1.5 hours last night) & then walked 6.5Km with my wife. I didn't really set out with the idea of walking a long way, she just suggested we walk from Mission Bay to St Heliers for a change. It was a gorgeous day & as the traffic was predictably bad, we parked up on Tamaki Drive & walked through Mission Bay, Kohimarama & on to St Heliers. Beautiful seaside boardwalk on a fabulous day! We ended up at St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro where I was offered a freshly made fruit juice with watermelon, strawberries & another fruit, that I can't for the life of me remember. But it was fabulous. I'm afraid to say I had two!

It remains to be seen tomorrow, but I've decided that there is no reason why I can't be the same weight as a 20 year old. Indeed, if I keep increasing my exercise regime, I may even end up better toned! OK, well I have to have a few delusions, don't I? What I didn't say was that we also shared a bowl of handcut chips & aioli - but they are vegetables, right? That was my only indulgence for the day though, as I'd had a healthy lunch & then a careful dinner. That end of Tamaki drive is a great walk, and it was good to see so many Aucklanders out enjoying the sun - those that stayed in town & avoided the long jams! Just a shame that the whole seafront is marred by the stormwater outlets that so often contain more than just stormwater! Let's hope Phil gets his finger out & sorts out our antiquated plumbing pronto!

A couple more days of holiday, a short week, then another three days of holiday & another short week. Lucky the weather has arrived! Unfortunately, so have all the summer temptations. How I resisted my traditional ice cream, I have no idea!

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