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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 029


Sun setting over the Coromandel ranges & Tairua. A perfect holiday spot.
Sun setting over the Coromandel ranges & Tairua. A perfect holiday spot.

We're all on holiday & when on holiday, you should be able to kick back, forget about worldy affairs, drink a bit too much, enjoy the sun setting over glorious hills, eat a bit too much… woah! Stop it there! You can't eat too much! Small indulgences maybe, but if you abandon healthy eating altogether, getting back ain't going to be easy!

It's so easy to forget that a change of diet is just that, a change of diet. You can't treat it like a fad diet, there for a while then gone, you have to accept that the new foods you've adopted are going to be with you for life. And the reason is why you started in the first place - too overweight! It's simply too tempting to persuade yourself that it will only be one ice cream, so what's the harm. Before you know it, it becomes one ice cream a week, which is easy to work off. Then maybe a couple a week. Before long, another bad thing creeps in, because if an ice cream is ok, then surely this next thing must be ok too… and so on. There are simply some things that cannot be let back into your life. How often have you sat & watched a sun set over the hills? I mean watched it completely, without distraction? So often there are other things competing for your attention. I don't mean other people, I mean other things. You may need to have a drink in your hand, or a cigarette, or something sweet to eat. If a sunset takes say, half an hour, what is it you crave when you are sitting there alone with absolutely nothing else to distract you? Try it, it can tell you a great deal about you & your body.

Meditation, yoga, there are many forms of exercise that are designed to bring you closer to your self & further from the (often meaningless) distractions of everyday living. Our modern world is a world of distractions that bring mostly stress until we learn to allow them to wash over us. Eating can be simply a retreat, a comfort & something we don't want to confront or change because it adds new stress into our lives instead of being a (artificial) means to alleviate it. There is nothing better in my opinion, especially when on holiday, than to sit, perhaps with a cold drink in hand, and contemplate the scale & beauty of our world as the sun dips below the horizon while listening to your body for real & realising how insignificant your worries & stresses are. If you can get to this point, and I know sometimes it's hard to even get that space of time alone, you are beginning to be ready to maintain good change in your life, including diet.!

So listen to Dr RiK. Take a break, do not have a kitkat, but make some alone time & use it well… :)

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