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Pigs are omnivores, just like us. But most farmers use corn or soybean meal as the main ingredient in a pig diet. We could probably learn a thing or two from this…

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." The opening words by American food writer Michael Pollan introducing his 10,000-word essay in the New York Times Magazine, summarising nearly 10 years of research. I came across this in an article by Donna Chisholm in noted.co.nz. Unlike a Guardian article I looked at a few days ago, this was considered, well-written, balanced, informative & ultimately very sensible!

The article by Donna Chisholm is called 'Diets on Trial' & essentially summarises & ranks the most popular current diet plans. If you are thinking of looking at your diet & want to know what's in favour & what's not, you could do a lot worse than read this. Full of useful information, then identifying each main diet including the pluses & minuses, and with a sample day's meal plan, it is exactly the sort of useful journalism I have been bemoaning doesn't exist in this arena! Have you heard of the Blue Zones, for example? They are areas throughout the world with a higher ratio of centenarians & so their diets are obvious examples of food to help you live longer. Looking at all the areas, the diets are not the same, in fact they vary widely. However, the theme is the same: real food, not processed; not too much & mostly plant based.

There is some scepticism from Auckland University professor of nutrition, David Cameron-Smith, not so much on the nutritional advice, but on how practical it will prove to be in our modern world. I have an issue with this. If you are not interested enough to investigate how to adopt a healthy way of eating & are not prepared to put in a bit of work to achieve it, then frankly you deserve the processed rubbish that is the staple diet of most modern societies. Food is our fuel & we worry hugely about the fossil fuel we burn because of our planet's health, but pay little attention to the fuel we consume ourselves. Healthy eating is more expensive because we have chosen to make it so. We can equally choose it to be the only way to eat & costs will fall…

Why is it that our pigs probably have a healthier diet than we do?

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