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The South Island Kea - the world's only alpine parrot & one of the most intelligent birds
The South Island Kea - the world's only alpine parrot & one of the most intelligent birds

I'm constantly amazed at the re-inventiveness of our food industry or our foodie pundits. It's become like fashion. Each year, there is a new trend with new accessories which we absolutely have to adopt or be hopelessly out of date & 'unfashionable'. I'm quite comfortable being unfashionable, but it appears many of us aren't.

In an article originally published in the Daily Telegraph (UK) & reposted on goodfood.com.au, they 'predict' (and therefore almost assure) which superfoods you'll be eating this year. Firstly, I have a problem with the term 'superfoods'. What does it actually mean? Well, according to Wikipedia, "Superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits. The term superfood is not in common use by dieticians and nutrition scientists, many of whom dispute that particular foods have the health benefits often claimed by advocates of particular superfoods." So each year we have to be bombarded with marketing messages to get us to move on to the next marketing meal. So this article - how much are we supposed to believe, especially when something is hyped as the "best" or the "most"? Before even reading it I'm sceptical. It contains some good information, to be sure, but frankly very little that is new. If anyone believes a single 'lost' ingredient is the magic solution to their particular health or weight problem, then they might as well be living in La-La Land (a film that in my opinion was not quite as good as its hype, unfortunately).

The Kea, from the South Island also has a problem. Apart from the good old possum threatening its existence (there are reckoned to be less than 5,000 left), one of their biggest problems is people feeding them human food. Firstly, some of it simply is not good for them, and secondly it is so convenient it makes them too lazy to go & find their natural foodstuffs. From doc.govt.nz: "Because these kea don't have to spend a large amount of time foraging for low energy natural foods, they have plenty of spare time to explore the many and varied new objects placed in their environment by people. Juvenile male birds seem to make up the majority of these loitering groups." Sound familiar? As I have two young adult sons, it resonates far too much! So not only are the kea getting poor nutritional substitutes & being tempted away from their natural healthy foodstuffs, it makes them vandals!

It seems that not content with confusing & manipulating people's health for the benefit of a few people's pockets, we are also very expert at dragging a few endangered species along with us…

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