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Weight Lifting - one Hundred Days - 034


 Synchronised flying. Not recommended for anyone over 30! Unless you're a bird...
Synchronised flying. Not recommended for anyone over 30! Unless you're a bird...

My wife keeps me supplied with an endless stream of interesting articles on weight, health & related matters. Yesterday she sent me a New Zealand Herald article asking how fit should you be for your age? I wasn't sure if it was an admonishment or encouragement, but after reading it, I feel quite enthused! I can't quite manage synchronised flying, but I can certainly do some of the exercises listed for people 20 years my junior!

Some exercises sound quite easy, but I know from experience that they are deceptively hard. Working with Tim Wright, the creator of Beyond Movement, Virgin Active has devised a checklist of simple exercises. Wright says: "Regular exercise, reducing chronic stress, quality sleep and a balanced diet can have enormous health benefits in your 20s and in the future. While late nights are tempting in your 20s, try to aim for on average seven hours of good quality sleep per night.' OK, so the exercises might be simple, keeping to the overall regime might be much harder! In your 30s you should be able to run a mile in under 9 minutes, hold a plank for 45 seconds & deadlift more than half your body weight. That doesn't sound too hard does it? Well, I suppose it might do if you don't really do any exercise.

By the time you get to your 50s, you should be able to run at a moderate pace for longer than 60 seconds (as long as the knees hold out!), do 5 burpees without stopping and, the killer one as far as I'm concerned, lower yourself into a cross-legged sitting position on the floor (without using your hands) and then return to standing. I couldn't do that one in my teens! So these generic exercise routines might work for some people, but I have worked out my own routines over the years that work for me. I hate gyms, I hate exercise for the sake of it, so I play badminton & I walk. And yes, at the moment I cycle with my bicycle stand in my studio & I pull myself up on a bar hanging from the ceiling, but I'm under no illusion that those will stop as soon as I have reached my desired weight!

You have to keeping moving & pushing yourself. Whatever you can do easily, do just a little bit more & do it regularly…

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