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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 035


Milford Sound. Now why, in such a beautiful part of the world, would a seal do anything but laze around?
Milford Sound. Now why, in such a beautiful part of the world, would a seal do anything but laze around?

I got an email just now - junk. The subject was "No Diet or Exercise AND Still Lose Weight". I don't know where the links actually went because I never click through on those, but are they sent out because people actually believe them enough to click?

I suppose there are many people looking for that miracle cure, that pill, that easy solution that means they can eat what they like, do what they like, never exercise and keep the weight off. Well, there are some people with incredible metabolisms that really can eat anything & not put on weight. Usually it catches up with them eventually, but unless you are one of those very rare individuals, I'm afraid there are no short cuts. It is normally perceived as very, very hard work. But this is precisely why I refuse to follow a 'diet'. I am avoiding sugar generally, because I know that is my particular poison, but other than that, I'm eating fresh fruit, vegetables, fish & the very occasional bit of meat. I'm making excursions in to food areas I have not tried before, like Quinoa & I'm avoiding bread. I'm eating a lot of eggs & generally half an avocado a day with a bit of balsamic dressing. In essence, I'm not depriving myself of anything other than that which I really shouldn't be eating - processed foods… And, for the observant ones among you, I have dropped another kilo this morning.

So, if you can find good foods that you like, stick with them & just try not to gorge while you're trying to lose weight. As for exercise, I've covered this before - just find things you enjoy doing. Don't worry about this muscle group or that; don't fret about trying to achieve the body of a nineteen year old; simply do enough to work out most, if not all, of your body & you're good. If you walked 5Km a day, that would probably be enough, although you would then be told that it doesn't exercise your upper body - that's the reason behind Nordic walking (using poles) but I could never get into that. I play racquet sports, so upper body exercise isn't a problem for me. Muscle building would be if I wanted that type of body. Luckily I don't, although I'm sure my wife might appreciate my abs making an appearance from behind that firewall that I've told her for years is protecting them from harm!

So, unless you are a seal, you don't get to laze around. Go for a walk! And for goodness sake don't click through any of these ridiculous emails that claim the impossible!

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