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 Egg White Scramble at Cornwall Park Cafe (with added yolks!) I've not enjoyed such a healthy plate for a long time, if ever!
Egg White Scramble at Cornwall Park Cafe (with added yolks!) I've not enjoyed such a healthy plate for a long time, if ever!

If there is one thing I'm forcing myself to learn, it's that embedded prejudices, especially when applied to foods, can block you from appreciating or even trying healthy foods. Not many weeks ago, it was a standing joke amongst my friends that I would turn my nose up at anything that was 'green'. Now, I'm eating kale…

I was going to order scrambled eggs as it is simple, healthy & taste-wise without complication. But I spotted egg white scrambled egg on the menu & after some discussion with the lovely waitress, decided I would give it a go as long as I could have the yolks as well - no problem. It was, frankly, quite delicious. Egg & avocado were the only things on the plate I would have willingly eaten in the past, but the tastes were exquisite. The kale was fried in olive oil & had a bit of sea salt & overall added a 'yumminess' to the lunch. OK, that's the good bit. The next part is the question. Given that all the ingredients are (I think) freshly & locally grown & produced, how much of the pesticides that are regularly used in our farming & horticultural industries has remained with the food to be consumed by me? In other words, once we have made the decision to eat healthily, how far are our efforts being scuppered by industry-wide poisoning practises?

A couple of weeks ago, Dr Mercola (US) published an article on the insidious presence of glyphosate, the most heavily used agricultural chemical in history, in our food chain & the disastrous consequences it has on our liver. A recent study by researchers at King's College London demonstrates "a causative link between an environmentally relevant level of Roundup (whose active ingredient is glyphosate) consumption over the long-term and a serious disease - namely non-alcoholic fatty liver disease." The World Heath Organisation performed its own independent analysis in March 2015 and determined that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen. Read the article, it's illuminating. How much glyphosate is used in New Zealand? I have no idea, but my guess is probably quite a lot.

So, we can do a great deal to re-educate our bodies to accept only 'healthy' foods, but until we ensure our politicians are listening to us & not to large horticultural business, we are abandoning one bad practise simply to have another one sneak in the back door…

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