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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 038


A South Island mountain stream - pure water! Except that even here there are pollutants hiding in its depths.
A South Island mountain stream - pure water! Except that even here there are pollutants hiding in its depths.

Most of us know, don't we?, that water is not only good for us, but essential. But do we really know why? After air, water is the single most important life ingredient. Yet, we treat our rivers & lakes with disrespect. We assume it is always going to be there, but one day, it won't be…

Our bodies are roughly 60% water & when we are dehydrated (and thirst is a sign of that) nearly all of our systems function less than optimally. So, the most important reason to drink is because if you don't you die. But did you know that staying hydrated can apparently reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and possibly reduce breast cancer as well? Slightly less life-threatening, dehydration can affect your mood & make you grumpy & confused, so drink more to be happy & clearer thinking! Also, to perform better if you an athlete (water is 75% of our muscle tissue). Reduce joint pain by drinking water which keeps cartilage soft & hydrated (which is how glucosamine works, by helping cartilage absorb water).

And yes, drinking water can help you lose weight! Sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty, but if we always turn to water first, staying hydrated can also act as an appetite suppressant & help with weight loss! Of course, if you get to drink from that mountain stream, you've already done your bit through exercise! Our digestive system needs water to function properly, helping to flush out waste & bacteria, and water is essential for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body. Water serves as the body's transportation system & without it, things just jam up! Do you suffer from headaches? I certainly used to years ago & the cause of mine was almost certainly partly down to dehydration. I never used to drink enough, but thanks to the watchful eye of my beloved, I do now (and rarely get headaches any more)! Water helps your skin glow. As a photographer, I regularly advise models to drink large amounts of water in the couple of days before a shoot. It transforms the tone & texture of the skin when seen under the microscope that is the modern lens.

Apparently, you should drink half your bodyweight in fluid ounces of water, so I should be drinking about 100oz of water a day. According to my handy little conversion app, that's about 3 litres. Not too much to ask, really! And if you are thinking of drinking water from that pure mountain stream in the South Island, well DOC advise not to, mainly because they have to, but there are some risks & I'm sure without increasing environmental control those risks will only, unfortunately, increase…

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