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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 039


Light. Highly underrated... Sunset on the west coast of the South Island. There is always something magical about this because it's about the only time you get to look directly at the sun.

Our sun is life giving, we know that. But we also underestimate its health-giving properties. Of course, too much exposure to our harsh sun, with our thin ozone layer, is extremely detrimental, but some people have gone too far, shielding themselves from any solar exposure whatsoever.

Have you heard of S.A.D? Seasonal Affective Disorder. If we don't receive sunlight at the correct times and in sufficient quantities we can upset our body clock to such a degree that we start to see the common symptoms of SAD. Examples are lethargy, sleep problems, loss of libido, anxiety, irritability, depression & craving for carbohydrates and sweet foods. The human body responds to light & our bodies are tuned into daylight hours in order to maintain our circadian rhythms. These rhythms regulate many important bodily functions & if you don't receive the correct daylight signals at the correct time this can have a significant impact on your wellbeing. Check out SAD.org.uk. Circadian rhythms help to regulate and control food digestion, appetite, energy levels, sleep quality and mood. Ever wonder why your tummy gets a bit upset if you have just a couple of hours sleep on one night & why it's difficult to get back to a normal sleep pattern?</p>

Light dictates the rhythm of our lives. So if you spend many hours indoors & rarely get sunlight, one of the pertinent issues is you will probably find it difficult to lose weight. No, it's not just the snacks you have to hand! UV light is directly germicidal to many microbes, and UVB exposure specifically helps your body produce Vitamin D. In fact, vitamin D is a biological marker for UVB radiation exposure. When your body has enough, your Vitamin D levels go up. Taking a Vitamin D supplement helps, but it's naïve to believe you get the same benefits from an oral supplement as you would from bodily exposure to the sun. In fact, this is a strong argument for naturism, because the more surface area of your body is exposed to natural light, the better for you!

So, if you want to lose weight, strip off & dance in the sunlight, regularly!

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