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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 040


 Lupins on the road to Milford Sound. Biking along, we had to stop & spend a good hour wandering amongst them.
Lupins on the road to Milford Sound. Biking along, we had to stop & spend a good hour wandering amongst them.

Today I was feeling weak. For probably the first time since I started on this journey I was feeling physically weak. Is it because of my new way of eating? I have no idea. I do know that I didn't get much sleep last night (working late / up early) & I suspect that might have more to do with it than anything.

I see it as another challenge on the road I am taking; my path to a purer, cleaner way of eating. Just as lupins are a challenge to environmental purity in New Zealand. To get to where I am going, I will have to discard many things I perceive as desirable, to strictly adhere to a focused plan to eradicate bad habits. Lupins are weeds; beautiful weeds but weeds nevertheless. Quoting from the DOC website: "…Lupins negatively impact on the habitat of threatened braided riverbed birds such as wrybill/ngutu parore, black stilt/ kakī and banded dotterel/ tūturiwhatu. Dense stands of Russell lupin in braided riverbeds stabilise gravels, forming fast- flowing river channels that are unsuitable for wading birds to feed in. The dense vegetation stands also take over the open gravel habitat that these birds require for nesting."

So to ensure the purity, and survival, of native New Zealand fauna, we have to sacrifice some flora. Are the principles worthy of the end goal? I can't possibly comment on the lupins as weeds argument, but as far as my journey is concerned, absolutely yes. Of course I will never be able to return to my days of gluttony on the sweetest & most gorgeous of desserts; of course I will have to forgo many delights in sociable company; of course I will forever be doomed to desire but remain unfulfilled, but if it means health & quality of life, it's worth the sacrifice. A bit over the top, theatrical? Ok, but I'm just trying to explain that my journey is worthwhile. However, there are always dissenting voices. Look up lupin as a weed on Google & you will find some people - Mackenzie basin run holders love them as pasture for merino - who don't care if they are a weed or not.

So feeling weak today is just another challenge to be overcome, to be ignored even. It may be lack of sleep or it may be my body's way of dissenting from its new nutritional direction. Or something else entirely. Either way, we plough on towards a worthy goal, just like DOC. Let's hope I'm more successful than they are at eradicating lupins!

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