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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 041


The Shotover Jet boats - one of Queenstown's many thrill rides. Not into it myself, but loved watching from the safety of the banks!

Variable Intensity Interval Training. What a buzzword! But the principles have merits. Now, I'm not a gymn junkie, but if I was, this is probably what I'd be doing. Mixing it up makes it automatically more interesting. Just what the Shotover jet boats do - high speed, turning on a dime & stopping on a quarter!

Changing your diet & restricting your intake is essential to lose weight, but so is exercise. Walking is good & well, but you also need cardio, which is why I play badminton. However, neither combined will give you the toned body of an athlete, so if that's what you're after, a VIIT program at your local gymn is probably your answer. BTW, I spell gymn with an 'n' at the end, because it's short for gymnasium, so no apologies for not adhering to our American cousins' habits! So, the gymn. There are any number of different routines & paths you can follow, depending on what you want to achieve. You can stick to weights to just build muscle, or you can cycle or run your way to perfect slimness. Honestly, I just can't bear being cooped up in one big room with nothing more to look forward to than the next exercise. That's why I choose sport.

I was going to give you a quick summary of what VIIT was, but frankly just reading about it bored me to death! This is why I always choose exercise I love. If you are into gymns & dedicated fitness training, then do look it up, because it's probably the best all round program you can follow. Me, I remember trying to push myself in sweaty, cramped hotel gymns in Europe, while on business trips & feeling utterly demoralized because of the spaces. I just couldn't do it. I loved swimming & I often could bear to do lengths in hotel pools either. The environment just didn't do anything for me. So, I stick to sport. I'd defy anyone to tell me that a few hard games of badminton isn't the equivalent of a good VIIT workout, and it's fun & sociable!

So whatever form of exercise you choose, make sure to copy the Shotover jets. Long spurts of energy, followed by some hard stops, brief rests, quick turnarounds & repeat. Just make sure the engine is your own!

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