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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 042


Repetition may make sense for a commercial hotel or apartment block, but not for diet or lifestyle changes.
Repetition may make sense for a commercial hotel or apartment block, but not for diet or lifestyle changes.

Doesn't it feel like everyone tells you different things about losing weight & eating well, yet they all end up looking & feeling the same? We get bombarded by conflicting information all the time, so much so that they all end up as one homogenous mass!

I saw yet another ad for foods men should not eat on FaceBook today. I didn't watch the entire promotional video because they are so tedious. They all end the same way, buy my book / blender / seminar courses / bull@**t. It's such a shame there is no good advice without commercial apron strings. What is the government doing about giving us good solid food & health advice? After all, they are the ones that have to pay to fix us when it all goes horribly wrong (via our taxes, of course). But some kind of government department or agency is what it needs because everyone else just wants to find a new angle to make a buck. Having said that, if the government gets involved, we really will end up with the equivalent of identical rows of apartments…

I suppose it's a game of combinations. Some foods are good for you, but only if you don't overdo it with certain others. So certain foods go together easily & others have to be kept apart to save you overdosing on a certain carbohydrate, or protein, or sugar… But maybe it is simpler than that. If you ate only fresh food, non-processed, would you have to only eat certain combinations? Well, I guess yes, because you couldn't exactly survive on just fresh fruit, now could you? So no matter which way you cut it & whether you move to non-processed foods only or not, eating is a combinations game. So, why not simply make up a chart of all the basic foodstuffs & which ones can be eaten in combination with others? Well, I suppose that is exactly what all the good dieticians & food gurus are doing. They just happen to be selecting their own slice of the food chart pie to push.

So, essentially all the diets in the world are the same, just with varying combinations from the food chart. A bit like getting the key to room 105, or 106, or 107, or 108…

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