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Weight Lifting - One Hundred days - 043


the 2017 World Masters Games are being held in Auckland this year - set your calendar & support or even enter!
the 2017 World Masters Games are being held in Auckland this year - set your calendar & support or even enter!

Ok, time to fess up about why I'm on this challenge. I've entered myself into the 2017 World Masters Games in April, which happen to be in New Zealand this year. I've entered into Badminton, of course. Unlike the Olympics, the World Masters is for athletes over 35 & anyone can enter, although there are age & grade categories.

The chronology wasn't quite in the order of enter, then decide to lose weight & get fit. I knew the World Masters was on & had even briefly discussed it, but rejected it without much thought about three quarters of the way through last year. I have been planning to properly re-evaluate my sugar habit & how I eat for some time. My foray with a trained nutritionist was disastrous, so I've been formulating an approach that I think will work for me for 6 months or more & after deciding I had to do it, I had to make sure I was in the right frame of mind to carry it through. Everything came together towards the end of last year & although I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, I decided to go for broke, write a blog, make my aims public & go for it in the new year. The World Masters came up again at that time & since I had already decided that 100 days was the right sort of length of time to establish a new dietary regime, it was pure co-incidence that the Games started a few days after the end of my 100 days. Serendipity!

I have entered into the Social Grade for Badminton, which apparently can still contain some excellent players who simply don't want to compete in the top grades. Either way, I don't actually hold out much hope for progressing beyond the first rounds. Still, entering into an international competition to try & win a game or two seemed like a great idea & an opportunity that probably wouldn't come round again in my lifetime. The games are hosted in different countries each year & I suspect I'll be past my playing days by the time it returns here. Why don't you enter yourself? All you have to do is lose a bit of weight, get fit enough to play well in your chosen sport & pay the entry fee…

Since entering I have lost my chosen doubles partner, found a new one (who I don't know, so time will tell whether we gel together), realised I have a gammy knee that will probably restrain me from going all out in Singles, been invited to join a team (there are team events as well as individual) who are missing a player & am still searching for a mixed doubles partner. If you know of any ladies in the older age categories who'd like a partner, let me know! Oh, and I've lost 7Kg to date. My target was 20Kg & I'm still trying!!

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