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Weight Lifting - one Hundred Days - 045


Surf Life Rescue. As a small nation surrounded by water, I'm amazed by the work these guys do, as volunteers!
Surf Life Rescue. As a small nation surrounded by water, I'm amazed by the work these guys do, as volunteers!

Sometimes we simply need rescuing. We are lost in an endless cycle of habit & repetition. Like me with sugar. My wife just fed me a delicious chocolate because she said I deserved it! Well I might, but it is still like giving an alcoholic a shot glass of his favourite as a reward for staying off the booze! So, I need to work my brain overtime to eradicate the thoughts circulating around about how one or two simply won't matter...

It is the little treats that are dangerous if you are trying to change, but it is the ongoing habits that you believe are ok that are deadly. Take something as simple as your everyday breakfast cereal. The whole cereal aisle is laden with items that simply taken on their own, in normal amounts, will exceed your recommended sugar intake for the whole day! I know you don't want to think about that, but it's so easy to brush a fact like that aside because if you did think about it, you'd have to do something about it! And 'no added sugar' does NOT mean there is no sugar in it.

Unless you can see one of our real life heroes in yellow in red charging down the supermarket aisle, grabbing that packet of breakfast cereal out of your hand, you simply have to save yourself. Just changing your breakfast habit will dramatically reduce your sugar intake, and hopefully start you on the right road. Starting your day with sugary cereal is a sure fire way to kick off an ongoing cycle of sugar highs & lows (which then demand more sugar which leads to the next high etc etc). Try eggs, porridge, natural yoghurt or even sourdough bread, anything but sugar. There are a huge variety of choices you can make & all it requires is a little bit of planning & the willingness to experiment & suspend your horror at no sugar for a while. Remember, it is better to overeat on good food than continue with sugar, so you really needn't go hungry. Oh, and while you're working on your breakfast food, pay heed to that sugar, cream or syrup that you use. There are alternatives to that as well…

So put on your own yellow and red outfits and get fit and ready to start your own life saving mission!

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