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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 046


the water I drank last night (I avoided the wine) was shipped all the way from Italy. Do we not have any naturally sparkling mineral water in New Zealand or is it all too sulphuric?

I've got to admit, I was convinced I'd blown it last night. Having just managed to drop another Kg on the scales, it was off to a Valentine's night dinner. Italian! Well, I decided not to worry & had a main course AND tiramisu dessert. My main course didn't spare the calories either - chicken breast stuffed with ham & cheese (with veg) in a creamy Galliano sauce - bloody delicious! I'd recommend Al Forno in Takapuna any time for fabulous, good value food.

So how could I not have added a kilo last night? Might have had something to do with the badminton games, three days in a row… Playing competition again tonight so although I'm hopeful I'll be able to keep it off, I'm not holding my breath. The body can take a while to catch up! I hope you all had good Valentine's evenings? But don't people really take advantage of it! We don't often eat out on the 14th as the seriously steeply priced fixed menus are a complete rip-off. So are the $12.99 single roses! Thank you Al Forno for simply serving up your usual.

My wife keeps telling me I must blowout occasionally otherwise my body switches to starvation mode to preserve as much fat as possible for the long famine ahead. I think there must be some truth in that, but I'll see for real over the next few days. I was intrigued by the San Pellegrino water last night. Sorry to keep bringing it back to water, but I drink little else nowadays! Does New Zealand not have any naturally occurring sparkling mineral water it can bottle at source, like in several places in Europe? Or is it that Kiwis don't generally drink sparkling water so the demand isn't there? I would imagine an export market might work for that product at the moment (until we completely stuff up our clean green image through lack of action!).

So if it's your birthday or anniversary or some other laudable occasion, don't panic! Just enjoy what you want to enjoy as long as it's not to excess & your body will cope fine; just remember to keep your mind in check.

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