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Weight Lifting - one Hundred Days - 047


injecting a doughnut with delectable chocolate filling at the Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby Central (not mine, btw!)
injecting a doughnut with delectable chocolate filling at the Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby Central (not mine, btw!)

Ooh, that was close! Since I decided at the start of this journey not to report any weight change unless it was a whole kilo, I can still report my weight as 87Kg. But, it was nearly back up to 88Kg! We'll see tomorrow… You may not want to eat anything after I tell you about the cover article in the latest edition of The NZ Listener.

Titled 'The Fat Bugs', the standfirst reads, "Could poo pills reverse obesity? Auckland scientists are about to start a clinical trial of a radical new treatment - transferring gut bacteria from healthy, lean teens into their overweight counterparts." There are a few associated articles, one of which reveals that the treatment is not so radical after all. Apparently "gut microbiota transfers have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years." But not until now to treat obesity. Ok, so have I got this right? Fit, lean teenagers who presumably have reasonable diets & probably lead fairly active lifestyles are going to lend the bacteria in their gut to overweight, probably quite sedentary, most likely poor eating youngsters. Now I know that obesity is simply chemical or DNA or some such thing with some people - they can't help it. But I doubt research like this would be taking place to treat just them. So, it's being pursued, I assume, with the goal of producing the ultimate slimming pill?

Why is so much time, money & brain power going into finding a solution to a problem that only exists because people can't control themselves (medically stricken individuals aside)? And why is the government not helping people to help themselves with tighter regulation around foodstuffs that can be marketed & sold to youths? And by better labelling - just adopt the teaspoons of sugar system for goodness sake! People understand that! Better yet, simply legislate for the maximum amount of sugar you can put in any product before it's put in the X-rated aisle! One in three kids in this country are overweight or obese! Frankly, you can't exactly blame the children, can you? They are still at the stage where they are learning. From who? Parents, family, peers. So that group needs to buckle down & teach their children some good nutrition. What? They don't know what that is? So, government, back to you. You let tobacco into our lives & now you've let sugar. How many other seriously harmful substances are going to be sold into our lives before the government realises that they are there for the protection of our society, not for big businesses!

So, unless you want someone else's poo bacteria 'introduced' into you, for goodness sake, cut the sugar & get moving. Moreover, if you've got kids, show them the right way!

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