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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 048


Well, you don't exactly have to love grass to eat less meat, but a drop of this certainly helps wash down a bit of prime… lettuce!
Well, you don't exactly have to love grass to eat less meat, but a drop of this certainly helps wash down a bit of prime… lettuce!

So I think it's quite well established that eating less meat is better for you & better for the planet… Well, I'll continue on that assumption because I've looked into it quite extensively over the last couple of years & if I, a dedicated carnivore, can be persuaded…

If you are a dedicated meat eater, like me, how on earth do you manage to wean yourself off & migrate to join the grass eaters?! Not easy, but baby steps. Firstly, you have to be convinced that eating too much meat is not good for you - that took me more than a few decades! Second, don't go cold turkey (forgive the pun!) because that will only drive you bacon into the arms of the cows. (Couldn't resist that!) There is a good article on exactly this subject written by Tracy Spark half way through last year & published on 1millionwomen.com.au. Have a read. Its focus was not weight loss, but animal & planet welfare, but essentially there is nothing wrong with being kind to animals & the planet while being kind to yourself, is there? So go free range, corn fed, born free, all that good stuff. This is a minefield, however, so do read things very carefully. Marketers are very good at making you believe the products are free range, when in fact they aren't exactly!

Once you've limited yourself to good produce, including locally grown organic veg, then the article advises, invest in some quality cookbooks. Vegetarian recipes are really coming into their own, so find a a good, recent one. Experiment! Keep some meat in your diet, but garnish it with fabulous vegetarian fare & try some things you probably never thought of doing. Take it from me, the only way to discover whether you find something palatable or not is simply to try it with an open a mind as you can. For years, forever in fact, I have avoided sauerkraut believing that it was disgusting. I had never even tasted it! I did, recently & it is actually more than quite nice, it's delicious & has brought some welcome flavour into my new diet. So push the boat out. You will not like everything, but you will discover new things.

No, you won't start growing your hair below your shoulders, experiment in flowing cheesecloth robes and beads, or automatically reach for the hookah, but you will feel better by reducing your meat consumption by at least half. You've got nothing to lose by trying it, have you?

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